Startup India Scheme

Website Startup India Scheme Table of Contents The Startup India Scheme is an initiative taken by the Government of India in 2016 primarily to support startups and generate employment. Since its launch, this scheme has started several programs for building a startup ecosystem in the country. It aims at transforming India from a country of […]

Startup Registration In India

Website Startup Registration In India Table of Contents India is a pool of new businesses in recent times. While setting up a new business is nothing less than running a marathon, the advent of liberal policies and portals has made this process relatively simple. A startup is a newly built small business that offers a […]

Anjana Mobiles

Website Anjana Mobiles The secret of getting ahead is, getting started! –Mark Twain Having your own business may be a dream for many, but only a few succeed. After 14 years of working in large corporations, Anjali and Lokesh decided to open their own mobile store in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, to fulfil their own business […]

Lakhsmi’s BakeHouse

Lakshmi Blog

Website Lakhsmi’s BakeHouse “My daughter is my first VIP customer and the biggest critic”  “After years of being a homemaker, I decided to open my own little bakehouse. I started baking when my daughter Bavagna was just 4 years old. In my little effort to make tasty healthy cookies and pastries for her, I ended […]

10 Best Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Website 10 Best Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business Table of Contents There is no denying that in the last few years, digital marketing has completely transformed how businesses compete for the attention of their target audiences. To purchase goods or services companies with websites or an online market benefit from connecting with these customers […]