GSTR 2B: Complete Guide

Website GSTR 2B: Complete Guide Table of Contents GSTR-2B is an auto-drafted ITC statement prepared for every regular taxpayer based on the information provided by his suppliers in their respective GSTR-1/IFF, GSTR-5 (non-resident taxable person), and GSTR-6 returns (input service distributor). The statement specifies whether or not an input tax credit is available to the […]

GSTR 2A: Return Filing, Format

Website GSTR 2A: Return Filing, Format Table of Contents What is GSTR 2A? The GST portal automatically generates GSTR 2A, a purchase-related dynamic tax return, for each business. The information is captured in GSTR 2A when a seller files his GSTR-1. It takes information from the seller’s GSTR-1 about goods and/or services purchased in a given month. When […]