How to Add Customers to Swipe

Website How to Add Customers on Swipe Table of Contents Step 1: Go to Customers and select Add customer. You can add a new customer while creating an invoice. India’s 🇮🇳 #1 Billing App Invoicing | Billing | Online Store | GST Report | Payments | E-way Bills | Analytics Download FREE Step 2: […]

GST Compliance Rating

Website GST Compliance Rating Table of Contents GST compliance rating is a ranking given to each registered taxpayer by the Goods and Service Tax Department based on their track record of compliance. This score will be calculated based on parameters such as timely filing of monthly and annual returns, furnishing details of input credits used, […]

HSN Code

Website HSN Code Table of Contents The acronym HSN stands for “Harmonized System of Nomenclature.” This system has been implemented all over the world for the systematic classification of goods. The HSN code is a 6-digit uniform code that classifies over 5000 products and is recognised globally. The World Customs Organization (WCO) created it, and […]

GST: Reverse Charge Mechanism

Website GST: Reverse Charge Mechanism Table of Contents GST simplifies indirect taxes in India by subsuming multiple taxes and Cesses levied by Centre and State into one single tax (GST) on goods and services across India. From now on, no tax other than GST will be levied on manufacture, sale, entry or purchase of the […]

GST Compliant Business: Benefits & Advantages

Website GST Compliant Business: Benefits & Advantages Table of Contents GST, India’s largest tax reform, would enable the real GDP development of the country’s economy. With a number of relaxations, SMEs and small taxpayers have benefited from the GST system. GST has minimised the amount of indirect taxes while also being transparent. There won’t be […]

Create Purchase Order on Swipe

Website Create Purchase Order on Swipe Table of Contents Step 1: Go to Purchases > Select create purchase. Here you can search for existing vendors or add a new vendor. India’s 🇮🇳 #1 Billing App Invoicing | Billing | Online Store | GST Report | Payments | E-way Bills | Analytics Download FREE Step […]

Payment & Refund with GST

Website Payment & Refund with GST Table of Contents Current GST return filing mandates that, after submitting GSTR-1 to record sales, one file GSTR-3B to report the ITC and make the requisite GST payment each month. If a refund is necessary, it can be obtained by completing the appropriate refund paperwork. What are payments to […]


Website SGST, CGST, IGST & UTGST Table of Contents The central government will collect CGST, SGST, or IGST depending on whether the transaction is intrastate or interstate under the GST law. When goods or services are supplied within a state, this is referred to as intra-state transactions, and both the CGST and SGST are collected. […]

GST: The Fundamentals

Website GST: The Fundamentals Table of Contents GST has been well-received. A new law has been proposed in India that will change the way individuals do business and how goods and services are taxed. Nobody can say whether it lowers the cost of goods for ordinary people like you and me. However, this will have an […]

GST Accounts & Records

Website GST Accounts & Records Table of Contents Multiple tax levies have been replaced by a single GST tax under the GST regime. This has resulted in significant changes in the accounts that business owners must keep track of. Previously, you would have kept separate accounts for VAT, excise, CST, and other service taxes, each […]