GST Analysis and Opinions

Website GST Analysis & Opinions Table of Contents The Government of India implemented GST in the hopes of simplifying the country’s tax structure compared to the previous regime. GST’s primary goal is to create a single taxing system and remove most of the indirect taxes and combine them in different tax slab under the GST […]

GSTR-4: Return Filing, Format, Eligibility & Rules

Website GSTR-4: Return Filing, Format, Eligibility & Rules Table of Contents GSTR-4 is a return that must be filed by the taxpayers opting for Composition Scheme on an annual basis. Until FY 2018-19, the return was filed every quarter which got replaced by CMP-08. A composition dealer is not like a normal taxpayer that pays […]

GST Invoice: A Complete Guide

Website GST Invoice: A Complete Guide Table of Contents If your business is GST registered, you must issue GST invoices to your customers for the sale of goods and services. Your GST-registered vendors will issue you purchase invoices that are GST-compliant. The invoice lists the parties involved in the transaction as well as a description […]

E-way Bill: One Stop Guide

Website E-Way Bill: One Stop Solution Table of Contents Businesses involve travel, be it for carrying your raw materials/supplies shifting your business to another location. The approval of the government is important for the movement of goods from one state to another. This permit/approval is called the E-way Bill. Currently, the government has stepped into […]

GST Filing: Returns, Types & Due Dates

Website GST Filing: Returns, Types & Due Dates Table of Contents GST i.e. Goods and Services Tax is a single domestic indirect tax for the entire country that has replaced many indirect taxes in India. The Goods and Service Tax Act was passed in Parliament on 29th March 2017 and came into effect on 1st […]