GST Payment

Website GST Payment Table of Contents Current GST returns filing requires that, after filing GSTR-1 to report sales, one file GSTR-3B to report the ITC and make the necessary GST payment each month.  Payments What are the GST payments to be made? The tax to be paid under GST is primarily divided into three categories […]

GST Composition Scheme

Website GST Composition Scheme Table of Contents The Composition Scheme is a simple and straightforward GST scheme for taxpayers. Small taxpayers can avoid time-consuming GST formalities by paying GST at a fixed turnover rate. This scheme is open to any taxpayer with a turnover of less than Rs. 1.5 crore.  The Composition Scheme is available […]

GST Registration Process

Website GST Registration Process Table of Contents GST registration is available through the GST portal. To apply for GST registration, use Form REG-01 on the GST portal and follow the steps outlined. GST Registration: Part A- 8 components.  Step 1: Go to the GST website. Select Services. After that, go to the ‘Registration’ menu and select ‘New […]

GST Registration

Website GST Registration Table of Contents What is GST Registration?  Businesses whose revenue surpasses the threshold level of Rs.40 lakh, Rs.20 lakh, or Rs.10 lakh, as the case may be, must register as a normal taxable person under the Goods and Services Tax (GST). It’s known as GST registration. GST registration is required for certain […]

Waffles & Cream

Website Waffles & Cream For most of us, the teenage years remind us of our college, fun with friends, and a carefree life. But at this young age, some have different plans… Let’s meet Anshak, a 19-year-old entrepreneur who is already running his own business, ‘Waffles & Cream’. Anshak fondly recalls how as a curious […]

GSTR-7: Return Filing, Format, Rules

Website GSTR-7: Return Filing, Format, Rules Table of Contents Individuals who deduct tax at source or TDS under the Goods and Services Tax must file GSTR-7 every month (GST). Every GST registered person who deducts TDS must file Form GSTR-7 by the 10th of the following month. TDS deducted, TDS payable, TDS refund and other […]

GSTR-6: Return Filing, Details & Rules

Website GSTR-6: Return Filing, Details & Rules Table of Contents What is GSTR-6?Every Input Services Distributor must submit a monthly return detailing the invoices for which credit has been granted. It contains information about ITC received by an Input Service Distributor and how it was distributed. This GSTR-6 return is divided into eleven sections.Importance of […]

GST Invoices: A Detail Study

Website GST Invoices: A Detail Study Table of Contents Before or at the time of moving goods for supply to the recipient, a registered person must issue a tax invoice. GST invoices for services can be issued before, during, or even after the time of supply. Furthermore, the e-Invoicing system is being phased in, requiring […]

SMEs: Importance of Social Media

Website SMEs: Importance of Social Media Table of Contents With over 400 million Twitter users, 3 billion Facebook users, and 800 million LinkedIn accounts, it’s safe to say that social media is a powerful tool for both personal and business use. Gradually, more and more SMEs are becoming aware of the importance of social networks in the day, but still have doubts as to […]

10 Best UX Best Practices For Ecommerce Success

Website 10 Best UX Best Practices For Ecommerce Success Table of Contents E-commerce is slowly becoming the primary way of doing business. This offers opportunities for even businesses that can’t open a physical retail shop. One significant result of this success is a large number of customers who require a well-developed e-commerce UX experience. So, […]