How to upload GSTR-1 JSON file on GST portal

Website How to upload GSTR-1 JSON file on GST portal Table of Contents Swipe software provides GST returns data in JSON format, which can be uploaded to the GST portal and used to easily file all types of GST returns. We’ll look at how to upload a JSON file to the GST portal in this […]

E-invoicing : Steps & Benefits

Website E-invoicing : Steps & Benefits Table of Contents E-invoicing or electronic invoicing is the invoice document exchange between a supplier and a buyer in an integrated electronic format. An electronic invoice is something which should contain data from the supplier in a format that can be entered into the buyer’s Account Payable(AP) system without […]

Earth Tatva – Recycled Ceramics

Website Earth Tatva – Recycled Ceramics “The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for”  – Ernest Hemingway in picture: Shashank Nimkar, Founder | CEO at Earth Tatva- Recycled Ceramics The first thing which comes to our mind when we think of ceramic is probably beautiful aesthetic pieces. Versatile, pretty and fortunately or unfortunately forever… […]

GST Amnesty Scheme

Website GST Amnesty Scheme Table of Contents The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has a lot of plans to benefit the taxpayers in India. One such plan is the amnesty scheme that focuses on helping taxpayers who do not file their returns on time. An individual registered under the GST law has to file the […]

Startup India Scheme

Website Startup India Scheme Table of Contents The Startup India Scheme is an initiative taken by the Government of India in 2016 primarily to support startups and generate employment. Since its launch, this scheme has started several programs for building a startup ecosystem in the country. It aims at transforming India from a country of […]

Startup Registration In India

Website Startup Registration In India Table of Contents India is a pool of new businesses in recent times. While setting up a new business is nothing less than running a marathon, the advent of liberal policies and portals has made this process relatively simple. A startup is a newly built small business that offers a […]

GST: Late Fee

Website GST: Late Fee Table of Contents Goods and service tax is a tax for the majority of products and services sold for domestic consumption. Consumers pay the GST through the GST Return, and businesses that sell the products and services are responsible for remitting it to the government. GST late fee is a sum assessed […]

TDS: Function In GST

Website TDS: Function In GST Table of Contents According to section 51, this rule applies to payments made under contracts by the government, government undertakings, and other notified entities where the total value of such supplies exceeds Rs. 2.5 lakhs to suppliers. It was created to take tax payments directly from the source of an […]

GST Payment Under Wrong Head

Website GST Payment Under Wrong Head Table of Contents There is no mechanism in the GST provisions that allows the taxpayer to adjust the tax amount paid under the incorrect head with the correct head. For example, if a taxpayer paid tax under the CGST and SGST but later discovered that tax should have been […]

Anjana Mobiles

Website Anjana Mobiles The secret of getting ahead is, getting started! –Mark Twain Having your own business may be a dream for many, but only a few succeed. After 14 years of working in large corporations, Anjali and Lokesh decided to open their own mobile store in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, to fulfil their own business […]