GST Exemption Limit

Website GST Exemption Limit Table of Contents Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of the most significant tax provisions introduced in the Indian economy. According to the GST regime, if the annual sales of a business exceed the exemption limit specified by the authorities, then it needs to be enrolled for GST registration. Recently, […]

GST: Reverse Charge Mechanism

Website GST: Reverse Charge Mechanism Table of Contents GST simplifies indirect taxes in India by subsuming multiple taxes and Cesses levied by Centre and State into one single tax (GST) on goods and services across India. From now on, no tax other than GST will be levied on manufacture, sale, entry or purchase of the […]

GST Compliant Business: Benefits & Advantages

Website GST Compliant Business: Benefits & Advantages Table of Contents GST, India’s largest tax reform, would enable the real GDP development of the country’s economy. With a number of relaxations, SMEs and small taxpayers have benefited from the GST system. GST has minimised the amount of indirect taxes while also being transparent. There won’t be […]

GST: The Fundamentals

Website GST: The Fundamentals Table of Contents GST has been well-received. A new law has been proposed in India that will change the way individuals do business and how goods and services are taxed. Nobody can say whether it lowers the cost of goods for ordinary people like you and me. However, this will have an […]

GST Accounts & Records

Website GST Accounts & Records Table of Contents Multiple tax levies have been replaced by a single GST tax under the GST regime. This has resulted in significant changes in the accounts that business owners must keep track of. Previously, you would have kept separate accounts for VAT, excise, CST, and other service taxes, each […]

GST Analysis and Opinions

Website GST Analysis & Opinions Table of Contents The Government of India implemented GST in the hopes of simplifying the country’s tax structure compared to the previous regime. GST’s primary goal is to create a single taxing system and remove most of the indirect taxes and combine them in different tax slab under the GST […]

Form 10BD : Tax Rebate on Donation & Charitable Trust

Website Form 10BD : Tax Rebate on Donation & Charitable Trust Table of Contents Latest News and updates on Form 10BD: Goods and Services Tax was introduced in India w.e.f. 1st July 2017. Change is a constant process in today’s world. We need to be constantly updated on the changing rules and tax benefits. Lets […]