Swipeย is an easy-to-use free GST billing, invoicing and payment software for small Indian companies. Swipe allows businesses to send a WhatsApp message to their consumers with a link that allows them to pay instantaneously using a variety of payment options. The majority of India’s 75 million SMEs still use manual systems to track sales, purchases, and payments. This is a very inefficient and imprecise process.
In India, company owners are also required to file monthly tax returns. They currently manually combine all of their monthly sales into a spreadsheet and send it to their accountant for filing. Sending sales reports to the accountant takes less than 10 seconds with Swipe.

How does Swipe GST Billing software help your business?


  • Create your Invoices in less than 10 sec.
  • Share invoices on WhatsApp & Email.
  • Quickly generate GST reports instantly.
  • Manage Inventory.
  • Use QR codes for payments.
  • Get your store Online for FREE.
  • Understand your customers via business analytics and Reports.
  • Get notifications and reminders.

Our Founders

Sri Teja & Aditya

(Founders of Swipe)

Aditya has done his Masters’s from University of Washington and ex-Amazon before he decided to come back to India to startup. Sri Teja has done his Masters from IIIT Hyderabad and has worked at Great Learning, as one of the early members of their Data Science team.

The duo decided to come together to solve a problem point that they noticed during the pandemic.

Swipe Founders

Look what our founders have to say,

โ€œWe are not just building an application to improve their books; we are here to improve their business. Have you received any review requests or offers from small business owners after the purchase as we get from Amazon or Swiggy? No, because most of them donโ€™t know how to do it. But all business owners would love to do it and maintain relations with their customers,โ€ says Aditya

“We discovered this problem after we found it hard to create invoices and track payments from customers at our last startup. SMEs now, more than ever, want digitization and online presence for their business and weโ€™re empowering them with technology,โ€ says Sri Teja

Today, more than 15000+ businesses come to Swipe to record their daily transactions, and we’re growing 100% MoM. We launched in February 2021 and are now recording $30M+ in transactions. We have launched our free mobile app on Google Play Store. To know more about free GST billing software, visit us at Swipe.

Swipe is a free GST billing software, that helps you track your sales, purchases & estimates in real-time. With Swipe, you can easily manage your inventory, file GST returns, and create & share professional invoices.

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