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The secret of getting ahead is, getting started!

Mark Twain

anjana mobiles

Having your own business may be a dream for many, but only a few succeed. After 14 years of working in large corporations, Anjali and Lokesh decided to open their own mobile store in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, to fulfil their own business dreams with Anjana Mobiles. They primarily deal with mobile phones, laptops, and other home electronics.ย 

Lokesh and Anjali, are long-time friends and now business partners. โ€œMoney was never our priority, providing great service is!โ€ said Lokesh explaining the main objective behind it all. Anjali takes care of the internal activities i.e employees, sales, service, and stock management whereas Lokesh is in charge of marketing, market research and other external affairs. Their collaboration drives the company to its full potential.

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‘Anjana mobiles’ has accomplished far more in a year than many of their competitors. When asked about the secret behind the success Anjali emphasised their service. โ€œWe have a loyal customer base because of the hospitality we offer. We try to do our best to look after our customerโ€™s needs.โ€ From giving them special offers on birthdays to home delivery within the city to the customerโ€™s convenience.ย 

โ€œWe didn’t get the appreciation we deserved when working in companies but now the love and acknowledgement we get from our customers makes us the most satisfiedโ€. Not just the customer, they have been recognised by multiple brands for their performance over the year.ย 

Lokesh and Anjali plan to expand and spread out their business within the city and then the state. Currently, with only one outlet, they soon intend to open four more outlets with โ€˜Anjana mobilesโ€™ as a brand. To market their store to the masses they have been carrying out multiple marketing campaigns with Auto, pamphlets, theatre ads, wall posters, and everything it needs to reach the customers.ย 


When asked about how Swipe has helped them grow their business they expressed their satisfaction with the app. โ€œIt’s very easy to use. I have used other applications but they are a bit complicated. This app can be used without any prior knowledge of accounting.โ€ย 

It takes a lot of effort and courage to break free from a secure job setting as first-generation entrepreneurs. Leaving it all behind to take a leap of faith into the industry to start your own business can be frightening, but some do and succeed with flying colours, such as Anjana Mobiles. Customer satisfaction keeps them going in pursuit of bigger goals. Swipe is honoured to be a part of this Journey…


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