Waffles & Cream

For most of us, the teenage years remind us of our college, fun with friends, and a carefree life. But at this young age, some have different plans…

Let’s meet Anshak, a 19-year-old entrepreneur who is already running his own business, ‘Waffles & Cream’. Anshak fondly recalls how as a curious kid he came up with the idea of running his own business while going to his tuition classes. As someone who loves waffles, he wanted to share it with people but with his own little touch… 


‘Waffles & Cream’ offers 100% gluten-free & egg-less products. When asked about the thought behind it, the young entrepreneur replied “I wanted to make waffles which could be consumed every day and by everyone!”. He made sure it is made of healthy products like wheat which can be consumed by people of every age group, especially kids. The simple intent of providing healthy dessert options FOR ALL is the motto behind Waffles and Cream.


As a second-year student of B-com, Anshak has a lot on his plate to take care of. He shyly confesses how he has maintained a good academic record throughout. He also aims at completing his Master’s degree at the earliest to focus on his business completely. Amidst all this, he proudly boasts about how his brother and grandmom are his biggest pillars. When Anshak is occupied with his academic commitments, his brother comes to his rescue and takes care of the business operations. 

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Waffles & Cream

When asked about his initial hardships, he pleasantly recalls, “My Granny has been my biggest supporter since Day 1. She stood by me through the ups and downs of this venture”. His Grandma made the initial investment for ‘Waffles & Cream’ which helped him take his first step into the big picture. Anshak mentions how special this journey has been to him. From his initial days of not having proper machines and sufficient manpower to expanding into 4 outlets with over 15 team members carrying out their business operations across Tamil Nadu. Running successful campaigns across social media or be it food bloggers reviewing his waffles… he has come a long way. 

Like every other business even ‘Waffles and Cream’ had to face their fair share of ups and downs. Be it the hassle of getting food quality certificates or retaining manpower during COVID, he overcame it all at the young age of 19! 

Talking about Swipe, he candidly mentioned how without any prior knowledge of accounting he could operate the software with ease. Swipe’s user-friendly interface and analytics impressed him the most. Talking about the customer success team he emphasized how they have always been on their toes to resolve all the queries and helped him manage his business more smoothly. 

Besides Studies, the youth of today are evolving themselves as better entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Anshak at the age of 19 has not only proven himself to be a diligent student but also a successful entrepreneur. In this short span Waffles and Cream has branched out into 4 outlets. He strongly proves how ‘Age is just a number’ when you have dreams to achieve.

Waffles & Cream


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